ABT Chicagoland

Mike Fagan, Director

ABT Chicagoland - Mike Fagan, Director

Labor Day Open Results

At our Labor Day Open event at Arlington Lanes we had 314 main event entries, 119 side event entries, and 316 optional sweeper entries and paid out $40,017 in prize money and optionals. Congratulations to Neil Hulvey who topped Jessie Orsby Jr 203-195 including handicap to win $5,000.

Congratulations to the Gold Side winner Ted Williams and the Senior Side winner Scott Schinler.

Anthony Holman rolled a 275 scratch game to win $180 in the$1 Scratch Pot and Mike Mike Martenson had a clean set ending with spare-strike to win $1,408.

Congratulations to our raffle winners: Dave Palojarvi Jr, Tony Marasovic, and Jennie Marack won free tournament entries and Steve Morrissey and Tom Sirikul won Storm “Pick Your Ball” raffles.

Detailed results and photos will be posted soon.